Fluffy the celebrity dog & my afternoon teas


Your eyes aren’t playing tricks. That’s Fluffy! Fluffy made it to the cover page of Life! last Friday :) In fact, he’s the first member of the Ong family to be a “cover star” and make headlines! Now, I’m officially the aunt of a celebrity dog!

Screen shot 2014-10-27 at PM 03.03.53

Another picture of cute Fluffy on www.soshiok.com. Yes, that’s our naughty boy waiting for his food at Happenstance. Next to Fluffy is Milky with the yellow bow tie. Aren’t they cute??? By the way, that’s the “customize-your-dog-pasta” which looks even better than some of my (human) meals. Sometimes, I think the phrase “to lead a dog’s life” needs to be reviewed. As far as I’m concerned, Fluffy’s the prince of my household! I definitely wouldn’t mind leading a princess’ life!

Anyway, it has been a while since I blogged. I’m missing my quality of life, which I left behind in Portugal. Whenever people asked, “How’s married life?” My truthful response would be “I feel less married after getting officially married.” What an irony….

These days, my weekends are spent in the study rooms of NTU, accompanying Querido while he mugs (like a true-blue kiasu Singaporean). Perhaps I should consider a part-time PhD programme too.. Ha..

There were only 2 occasions when I “sneaked” out on my own to have Sunday afternoon tea with my girlfriends. The first was at Axis Bar, Mandarin Oriental, where a halloween tea menu was served. The chefs were really creative. We had Witches Blend Gazpacho, Voodoo Chicken Sandwich, Magic Potion Fruit Sable, Poison Apple Caramel Scones, etc etc etc. Really enjoyed catching up with my camera-shy friend, who recently said “I do” :) You know who you are! Hugo and I are really happy for you. Have a blissful marriage.001 collage (1)001 collage (1)

The second tea was at The Clifford Pier, Fullerton Bay Hotel. In my opinion, Fullerton Bay is the prettiest hotel in Singapore currently. The Clifford Pier is the perfect setting for girly lazy afternoon chit-chats, coupled with a live band in the background. Love the place! Food ain’t that fantastic, but guess what? I’ll still return for the cozy ambience :)001 collage (1)

Another October highlight was dinner at Esquina, aka Querido’s social event of the month. Thanks Grace, Shylene and Graham! No photos, but I’ll definitely remember the exotic tapas. We should have more of such Saturday nights – bottles of white and glasses of cocktails. Absolute bliss :)