USS with En-en! Happy birthday!

Waking up at 7.30am on a Sunday is one of the most unlikely things I would do. Yet today, I managed to do so. Kudos to the power of En-en! This little girl managed to drag me out of bed and spend my Sunday morning at USS :)001 collage (1)

Believe it or not – This was my first trip to USS! Certainly, simply being there made me feel young instantly :) I was given 3 hours with little busy En-en, so we only managed to take 4 rides. The first was the Accelerator in Sci-Fi City zone. I was feeling a little giddy after the ride, while En-en was perfectly cool! Theme park rides are really not meant for me!001 Collage (1)

The second was King Julien’s Beach Party-go-round in Madagascar zone. I went for the Penguins since the next movie sequel is going to be called “The Penguins of Madagascar” :) Anyway, En-en insisted on taking a photo for Querido and I after the ride. She has pretty stable hands, I must say :)001 Collage (1)

And this marked the start of En-en’s display of photography skills. She kept offering to help Querido and I take pictures. At one point, she event told the USS staff that she (En-en) was going to be the photographer and the staff could rest. Ha.001 collage (1)


After stopping for chocolate ice-cream, we proceeded to our third ride, ie. Dino-Soarin’ at The Lost World zone. Throughout the ride, En-en simply kept pressing the button, which would allow the Pteranodon to soar higher.001 collage (1)

Thereafter, we had a 45-min wait for our last ride – Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. No cameras were allowed during the ride. Perfectly understandable as we were totally drenched after the ride! En-en barely met the height requirement, but as usual, she was “game” for the adventure! In fact, while waiting in the queue, she kept herself entertained by using the metal railings as monkey bars. The best part – the other older kids started to “monkey see, monkey do” and they ended up being chided by their parents. On the other hand, Querido and I left the birthday girl to expend her energy freely. Oops.001 invite (1)

Happy birthday En-en! Da Jie still owes you a bubble blower! The sudden rain and tight timing made it hard to return to the shop. Love you! :)