6 Sep 2014 – Our solemnization

Exactly one month ago, I pledged to take Querido as my wedded husband. To love him, comfort him, honour and keep him in sickness and in health and forsaking all others, be faithful to him, so long as we both shall live. Albeit a short ceremony, it was probably the most momentous event in my life thus far. 14977481890_4c035ff6f9_o

I have always liked intimate weddings with personalised touches. As frivolous as these personalised touches may appear to be, I believe they make a difference between “our wedding” vs “just another wedding”. In fact, the part of the solemnization preparation which I enjoyed the most was conceptualizing and making the crafts. Of course, much credit has to be given to my sis, who actually took leave to help with the craft work! :) She artistically did up the scrapboard and the ring box all by herself. Speaking of the ring box, many eggs were sacrificed in the process of obtaining the perfectly-cracked egg, which was subsequently hand-painted :)001 Collage (1)

As for the wedding favours, I wanted to deviate from the usual chocolates and honey. In the end, in line with my “East meets West” theme, Starbucks mooncake and Royce chocolate were chosen. Starbucks is West, while mooncake is East. Royce is East, while chocolate is West. As my solemnization was around Mid-Autumn Festival, I really wanted to have the mooncakes! I even had to call at least 10 Starbucks outlet before I could find 20 cranberry and macademia mooncakes! Only my favourite flavour for my loved ones :)

In terms of venue, I was glad I chose Forlino. I actually went around Singapore for impromptu site visits at multiple venues for 2 entire days. In the end, the marina view and natural lighting of Forlino outshone the rest. Of course, the Forlino staff were really lovely to accommodate to many requests of mine, including use of the venue before its official opening hours (so that it would coincide with the auspicious hour). Two thumbs up! My florist, Regina Mae Fleurs Atelier, also exceeded my expectations. I merely showed her a picture of my cheongsam and gave a vague description of what I had in mind. In the end, she performed magic! :)15134100616_7cbea54e16_o

Below are some snapshots before I walked down the aisle. Indeed, final moments of a chapter in our relationship before embarking on a new one.001 greeting (1)15157714472_4998b599fd_o

My beloved little little sis holding the “Gor Gor, here comes your happy happily every after” sign”, which was handmade by my another little sis :) Although having rehearsed with daddy 2 nights before, daddy forgot to give my hand to Querido after the march-in. He only did so after reminders. Maybe he really couldn’t bear to do so.. 14971642777_df22359216_o14971415609_a5ec60983b_o

The exchange of vows was surreal. It happened soooo fast. Querido and I didn’t opt for personalised vows or speeches as we intended to save those for the dinner banquet next year.14977388489_c38d42cd86_o

Some group photos with my 22 guests. Yes, it was indeed a small-scale event. Thanks my dearest family and friends for sharing our first meal as Mr & Mrs Martins :)14979075000_c07fce6059_o14979071229_8d1ddb739d_o15167897332_cf13b99421_o15165314661_8c94178bfd_o15154255576_9015ae8267_o14999305889_b395913928_o14999402400_3328bd7a7a_o14968415928_fdd9426c81_o

As for gifts, thank you all for your generosity. In particular, my mum’s gold bangle caught me by surprise, especially when she revealed that it was bought 30 years ago for this fateful day!!! In addition, my aunts gave me a tiny cardigan with a card which read “After 33 years, it’s time to go back to its owner. Hope that you will get to use it soon!” Omg, it was a cardigan which I wore when I was born…15154227466_7d6fe04bd1_o

One month on, I’m still looking back at my solemnization fondly and I believe I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. As for the dinner banquet next year (20 June 2015), after much negotiation with my mummy, we’ve decided to cap the attendance at 200pax. It will be tough to add personalised touches for such a big crowd, but I’ll try my best to make it “our wedding” :) 15009866398_1bb1428e2e_o