2 more days…

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2 more days to 6 Sep 2014. 2 more days to our wedding solemnization. 2 more days to becoming husband and wife. It still feels surreal that we’ve made it this far. Querido and I have been through our fair share of relationship trials and tribulations, but I’m thankful that we’ve emerged stronger. Reflecting back, I’m really glad that I relocated to Portugal (albeit briefly) in spite of numerous discouraging comments from skeptical bystanders. To me, that critical period saw us grow exponentially as a couple and would forever be looked back fondly.

Thank you Portugal for the memories.. I’m suddenly in my “reminiscing mode” :)

Our lazy weekend afternoons at Brown’s..S&H_002S&H_008

Our leisurely walks around Baixa-Chiado..S&H_018S&H_044

Our ice-cream dates at Santini’s..S&H_080

Our “us time” at the miradouros and the gardens..S&H_116S&H_121

And the list goes on.. Looking forward to creating more beautiful memories together, no matter where we are :)

I used to think that the solemnization is a very simple event, since our traditional ceremony and dinner will only be held in June 2015. However, as the day draws nearer, it dawned upon me that (legally speaking) the solemnization holds greater significance than the bigger-scale celebration next year. Feeling blessed and looking forward… 2 more days…