Bachelorette & Girlfriends

It’s 1am right now and I have not showered. That said, I simply gotta complete this blog post – I’d spent a lovely weekend with my amazing girlfriends and I want to make sure that this goes into my diary for reminiscing in future :) Going to let the pictures speak for themselves…

So, my sweet girlfriends threw a “surprise” nail party for me. “Surprise” cuz I sort of guessed it, but it’s the thought that counts :) Thanks girls! It has been a looooong while since we went out without the partners and the kids. Hence, it was really nice to enjoy some quality girly time together :)  nails1

By the way, I really meant what I wrote on the polariod “I’ve found my man but I still need my girlfriends!” Thanks Boliaos for always being around since 1994, witnessing my ups and downs, and my solemnization next month :) 20 years of friendship and counting…nails2

After pampering our hands and legs, it was time for dinner at Flutes! I have always loved Flutes and would really wish to hold my solemnization there. Since this dream is not going to materialise, I suppose the next best scenario would be to have a dinner date there.. and my girlfriends made it come true! :) foodatflutes

Personally, I found the starters yummy, to the extent of outshining my main – the green pea soup which tasted like seafood bisque, the tuna which was like ba kwa (in a good way), the tasty foie gras, which was great on its own (even without the usual cranberry compote) and the seared scallops, which is a perennial favourite of mine. By the way, the restaurant was also thoughtful to offer us a complimentary dessert platter. desserts

And complimentary shots too! Non-alcoholic ones for the mummies, and alcoholic butterscotch ones for the singles!1994

Thanks for the wonderful day, my dearest Boliaos. (We missed you, Sheue Wen.) We should have such girly gatherings more often! xxxxxxx

ps. preparation for my 25-pax solemnization lunch next month has been more demanding than I thought. Can’t imagine how hectic the preparation for my much bigger-scaled traditional ceremony would be next year!