Querido turns 40! and more…

June’s already here! So fast! Hence, this post shall be dedicated to my remaining May highlights (before they run the risk of being backlogged and forgotten). Looking back, May has been really eventful – celebrating my birthday in Madeira, hosting the Singapore trade delegation in Lisbon, bidding farewell to Atlantico, planning my upcoming 2-week Europe vacation, attending my maiden Portuguese wedding in Porto, spending Querido’s birthday in Baiona, soaking in the UEFA Champions League Final festivities, etc. Sometimes, I think my life is way too “happening” for my liking.

First and foremost, my beloved Querido has turned 40! Here’s to becoming even more manly and charming, my dearest! Querido chose to spend this special day with his parents (and I). We drove northwards to Baiona, which is a municipality in Galicia, Spain. History trivia: On 1 March 1493, the Pinta (a ship from Coumbus’ voyage to discover the New World) arrived in Baiona, making the town the first to receive news of the discovery of America.
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It was a cloudy and windy day. We did not explore the town much as my spring jacket wasn’t warm enough for such a weather condition. On the flip side, the rain made lunch even more enjoyable – staying dry and warm, while enjoying a seafood feast! We did not have desserts at the restaurant though as Querido’s mil folha birthday cake was saved for Viana. The picture below shows cute Mariana singing the birthday song over skype :)001 collage (1)

Anyway, during our drive back to Viana, we stopped at Santa Tecla. The origins of these Celtic hill forts in Galicia could be traced back to the Iron Age, where human beings decided to start village settlements.001 collage (1)

In the late prehistoric era, elevated grounds were chosen for such settlements as a form of natural defence. Incidentally, this translated to amazing views! Breathtaking :)001 collage (1)

Another highlight in May was the wedding of Pedro and Luisa on 17 May. Congratulations and enjoy a blissful marriage! It was my maiden attendance at a wedding event in Portugal. Particularly, I was very fortunate to witness the celebration from a “VIP” perspective. Well, Querido was the “padrinho” (godfather) cum witness at the wedding. As such, I had the special privilege to attend the solemnisation ceremony (which was typically reserved for family members) and was seated at the primary table during the dinner (with the bride and groom)!001 collage (1)

It was a really sweet celebration. The solemnization room was beautiful, the garden party was blessed with lovely weather and the dinner venue was tastefully decorated. I loved the after-dinner dance session and how ALL the guests, regardless of age, would enthusiastically hit the dance floor :) At around 4am, when Querido and I decided to call it a night, the dance floor was still crowded!001 Collage (1)

And I’ve not forgotten about Madeira (Part 3) – The Flower Parade, which took place on my actual birthday! Before the Parade, we took a morning stroll at Garajau. By the way, I really adore the photo of Mariana sitting on Querido’s shoulders :)001 collage (1)001 collage (1)

Thereafter, we had a sumptuous home-cooked birthday lunch prepared by Ana, Mariana’s mummy. Ana is a fabulous cook! If only I possess half of her culinary skills… Then again, if I do, my Querido will become super chubby. Hee. Ok, I shall stop creating excuses for my lack of talent in the kitchen. After lunch, we went to join in the fun at the Annual Flower Parade in Madeira. There were floats displaying a myriad of flowers and colours! Pictures paint a thousand words, so I shall end off with happy images from the parade.001 Collage (1)001 Collage (1)001 Collage (1)001 Collage (1)001 Collage (1)001 Collage (1)

Change is the only constant in life. Well, I’m not sure what June holds but I’m hoping for the best. Have a Joyful June!