Lisbon Oceanarium with Cristina and Jacques

The Lisbon Oceanarium is ranked #1 of 210 attractions in Lisbon in tripadvisor. I’m not exactly an underwater enthusiast and have never had the urge to check it out.  However, since we were greeted with drizzles all afternoon, it seemed like an opportune time to visit the sheltered Ocenarium.  I was glad we did :)001 collage (1)001 collage (1)

The Lisbon Oceanarium is the largest indoor aquarium in Europe.  Its main exhibit is a 5,000 m3 tank with sharks, rays, barracudas, sunfish, etc.  Apparently, the Oceanarium houses more than 450 species of marine life and we actually took 2 hours to complete the circuit.  That said, it seriously didn’t feel like 2 hours.  Indeed, a very pleasant visit :)001 collage (1)001 collage (1)001 collage (1)

For me, the highlight was … *drumrolls* … the Penguins!!!! I’ve always had the dream of setting foot on all continents of the world and even during our courtship, I’ve always told Querido that “I want to travel to Antartica to see the penguins!”  Coincidentally, I was sharing this “Antarctica pact” with Cristina and Jacques during dinner the night before.  Hence, when everyone saw the signage “Antartic,” they unanimously exclaimed that Querido was fulfilling his promise to bring me to see the penguins. Hmmm.001 collage (1)001 collage (1)

I’m not sure if my imaginative powers are so developed though. I tried hard. I imagined and imagined and imagined, but I was still in the Lisbon Ocenarium…

On Monday night, ie. Carnival night, we headed for dinner at Pizzaria Lisboa.  It’s an Italian restaurant helmed by my all-time favourite Portuguese chef – Jose Avillez.  I love the fact that Pizzaria Lisboa served its calzone with a runny egg embedded within and boasted an awesome sauce for its breadsticks.  Moreover, the JA house red was a great complement to our hearty carb-rich meal.  001 Collage (1)001 Collage (1)001 Collage (1)

Another noteworthy restaurant which we brought Cristina and Jacques to was the newly-opened Restaurante Brasileiríssimo at Tivoli Forum I loved my order – king prawns with rice – and savoured every single bit of the dish!  Apparently, it is a typical Brazilian dish and now, I’m certain that I’ll not go hungry when I visit Brazil!  I’m already looking forward to a return visit to Restaurante Brasileiríssimo – Not thinking of trying other dishes, but to indulge in the king prawns again :)  001 collage (1)001 collage (1)

Lastly, some random snapshots taken in Baixa. Baixa and Chiado are undisputedly Querido’s and my favourite hangouts in Lisbon.  In fact, we just took a stroll there this evening :)  By the way, those bottles of vintage port had price tags of over EUR1,000 per bottle!001 collage (1)

This post, along with the previous, pretty much summarise the time we spent with Cristina and Jacques during the 4 days they were here.  Thanks for visiting and for being such great company!! Till the next time :)