My Saint Valentine’s Day

14 Feb 2014 was Saint Valentine’s Day. 14 Feb 2014 was also 元宵节 (the Chinese equivalent of Saint Valentine’s Day).  On such a rare day when both celebrations coincide, yours truly simply felt… sleepy! :( 

Perhaps it was due to the heavy rain that night, or the fact that I woke up at 6am (to call Asian institutions), or the fact that I was suffering from accumulated fatigue over the work week, I really didn’t feel in the mood for fine-dining.  After more than a 6-month hiatus from work, my body really missed the days of enjoying regular, 8-hour, uninterrupted, sound sleep!  Afterall, 14 Feb is rather commercialised in my opinion and our 3-year anniversary is just around the corner :) 001 greeting (1)

Instead, I suggested dining at the gourmet burger cafe in our estate. (That said, I still have to give credit to Querido for wanting to bring me to Clube dos Jornalistas originally.  Clube is a restaurant which I’ve been wanting to check out, but just not when I am tired.)  Hence, Entre Nos (English translation: Between Us) became our dinner venue for Saint Valentine’s.  Actually, this little cafe has been featured in numerous Portuguese magazines, but we somehow always overlook it just because it’s so near our place!001 greeting (1)

Dinner with Querido was the best part of my day (as always).  It is always nice to share your day with someone who listens and remembers – in person and not over skype!  001 Collage (1)

Dinner was simple, but sweet in its simplicity :)  However, work managed to find its way to the dinner table as the magazine (right next to our table) had its headline shouting “Quem tem de conhecer para ganhar em Angola e Moçambique?” (English translation: “Who do you have to know to profit in Angola and Mozambique?”)  001 collage (1)

By the way, I’m now working for a bank which is headquartered in Angola.  Hence, I’ve been reading up a lot on the country lately.  It’s a very intriguing country and there’s so much history. Coming from a developed nation and blessed with political peace all my life, a paradigm change is needed to appreciate what the Angolans have gone through over the past century.  Respect!  Perhaps I shall blog about the country next month after my maiden trip to Angola!001 greeting (1)

After our dinner, Querido suggested a movie night, but I was such a wet blanket; I counter-proposed going home to watch TV instead.  In the end, I dozed off during the show :(

The past weekend had been great as I slept till noon! Yeah! And on both days, I woke up to delicious lunches prepared by Chef Querido.  On Saturday, I had chicken curry noodle.  Very yummy and tasted authentic!  On Sunday, I had eggs with meat and salad and freshly squeezed juice – exactly how the Singaporean brunch cafes would whip up their dishes – as I made a passing remark the day before that I missed brunches Singapore-style :)  To me, these small daily acts of love mean way more than fanciful commercialised celebrations :)

Last but not the least, Querido and I went to catch Benfica vs Sporting one week ago, but the game was called off after a 30-min wait at the stadium.  This was an important match in the Portuguese league (equivalent of Man U vs Arsenal) and the 60,000-capacity stadium was full. The reason for postponing the match?  Heavy wind was consistently blowing debris (ie. stadium roof padding) onto the pitch!  Apparently, after the crowd dispersed, a chunk of the metal roof even fell onto the spectators’ stand.  What an experience!001 Collage (1)

That’s all for now. Adeus…