Wanpei in Lisbon

I am really blessed! Ever since relocating to Lisbon, I’ve had 1 friend visiting me per month on average :)  Perhaps I should work for the Portugal Tourism Board instead. Ha. This month, I had the lovely company of Wanpei, aka my MAS twin, over the weekend!  Actually, apart from the occasional FATCA emails in the past, I’ve never really worked with Wanpei as she was already based overseas when I joined the MAS.  That said, I’ve lost count of the number of MAS friends telling me that I remind them of Wanpei in my speech, email writing style, mannerism, dress sense and even eating habits (ie. faithful patrons of Mr Bean for breakfast and Old Chang Kee for tea)!

Anyway, Cantinho Lusitano was chosen to be the welcome dinner venue.  This was a repeat visit and once again, I was won over by their baked goat cheese with honey and rosemary!! When the desserts were served, the owners surprised us with port digestifs on the house.  Apparently, it was to thank me for blogging about their restaurant previously.  What a sweet gesture :)001 Collage (1)001 Collage (1)

As always, in Sijie’s itinerary for Lisbon, Pastéis de Belém is a mandatory breakfast stop.  It was no different this time round. Yummy and perfect way to start the day!001 collage (1)

In view of the recent unrest in Ukraine, there was a protest in Belém last Sunday.  Hopefully, the Ukraine revolution would come to an end soon, though the situation seemed to be worsening.001 collage (1)

As Querido and I had toured the National Museum of Ancient Art in the past, we waited in the gardens as Wanpei appreciated the ancient art displays.  The scenic view, along with the lovely weather, made leisure reading so much more enjoyable.  By the way, Wanpei must be my biggest museum-lover friend and she’s so knowledgeable about art!  Really put me to shame in comparison.001 collage (1)

The 3 of us enjoyed a filling lunch at Nosolo Italia! This was one of the rare times when Querido remarked that he was full even before finishing his calzone.  My seafood spaghetti was delicious with generous ingredients. Nosolo Italia was also not stingy with the alcohol in their sangria. Yeah! A good glass of Sangria during the weekend always makes me happier :)001 collage (1)

By the way, we didn’t spend most of our time eating even if our photos suggested otherwise! Not uploading photos of the usual tourist attractions as I had previously blogged about them. Wanpei visited many other tourist destinations too and as of now, she has gone to more museums in Lisbon than I’ve had!

Last but not the least, my kitchen now has a rice cooker!  All thanks to the ever thoughtful Wanpei :)  Looking forward to more Asian rice dishes by Chef Querido in future.001 collage (1)

It was great having you around, Wanpei!  Porto and Viana are waiting for you.  See you soon again in Portugal :)