“Oh honey, ah sugar sugar”

Ever wondered how honeycombs are transformed into those convenient bottles of golden honey in our supermarket shelves? Well, I had the privilege of experiencing the transformation first-hand last weekend!  And when I mention “first-hand”, I literally mean the primitive way of extracting honey by hand, rather than using modern technology :)  IMG_2576

An advocate of all things organic and healthy, Querido’s dad has some honeycomb frames near his vineyard.  I am a lucky beneficiary as I’ve been spoilt by a constant supply of pure organic goodness for the past few months.  Trust me, organic honey tastes a world of difference from low-grade honey!!  The latter, to put it bluntly, is simply refined sugars void of most health benefits derived from pure honey consumption – improved immune system, reduced cholesterol, slowing of aging due to antioxidant properties, decreased metabolic stress, etc etc.001 collage (1)

Let’s get started!  Firstly, a knife is used to slice the top layers of the honeycombs.  This step aids to “uncap” the waxed cells for easy extraction.  Secondly, remove the honeycombs from the frames.  Thirdly, just squeeze the uncapped honeycombs!  A side benefit is that your hands become ultra-moisturized thereafter :)  Fourthly, filter with appropriate sieves to remove wax and bee parts, while retaining the pollen and organic matter.001 collage (1)

After a couple of hours, the honey is ready to be bottled!!  Yes, it’s that easy!!!  Unlike others, Querido’s dad does not believe in using heat to hasten the process as poor control of temperature may end up destroying the beneficial properties of honey.  By the way, for this batch of honey, the bees sourced their nectar from hazelnut trees so it has a tinge of nutty flavour too :)IMG_2571

And the organic honey has been an important ingredient in my morning avocado milkshakes!  It’s really easy to prepare – Simply blend avocado, low-fat milk, organic honey and some ice cubes altogether!  Actually, my avocado craving started in early-2012 when I became a loyal patron of the fruit juice store at AXA tower, Singapore.  I readily parted with SGD4 every alternate day because I’m a die-hard fan of this beverage!  Unfortunately, there aren’t fruit juice stores in Portugal and hence, it’s DIY time!  Oh yar, have I mentioned that avocado is good for the brain, heart, eye, blood pressure, digestion, etc etc, too? :)IMG_2579

And in line with the healthy theme of this post, I’m ending off with some photos of organic apples from Querido’s dad’s backyard.  Do you notice that there are 3 varieties of apples in the basket – green granny smith, red royal gala and yellow golden apples? 001 collage (1)

We are what we eat, my dear friends!!!  Time to rethink your eating habits?  Have a healthy week ahead :)