Loving London as always

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” – Samuel Johnson

I concur.  London holds a mysteriously special place in my heart.  Since my first visit to London in 1998, I just fell in love with the city ♥  In fact, I always had feelings of déjà vu when I was there.  Perhaps I used to be a Londoner in my past life?  I love how cosmopolitan this city is and how it amazingly manages to house everything.  When you seek moments of solitude, the tranquil gardens provide respite; When you feel like mingling with the crowd, you are spoilt for choice by the countless social events.  When you’re feeling cultural, there is an abundance of museums and galleries; When you’re feeling shopaholic, the high-end Bond Street or the unique local markets await.  When you want to feast, world-renowned chefs are at your doorsteps; When you want to unwind, West End musicals and Shakespearean plays entertain you.  In short, it’s hard to get tired of London (at least for me!)

Anyway, due to some vexing visa issues (which I shan’t delve into), I had to make a solo trip to London at short notice in early-Sep.  Thanks Sze Ming for putting me up at her place in Greenwich!  (Just realised that we didn’t take any photos together.)001 collage (1)

As this wasn’t my maiden trip, I didn’t snap many pictures, but simply took in the sights.  Did I mention that I love walking in London? I could simply walk for hours and hours.. For instance, there was this day when I started my day at Leicester Square, I then ventured to Piccadilly Circus and the Mayfair area, before proceeding to Hyde Park and all the way to Victoria to catch the evening musical :)  Anyway, as requested by Shylene, I took some iconic shots just for her!  As usual, London was cloudy, so lighting conditions weren’t ideal.001 collage (1)

Managed to get half-priced tickets for Billy Elliot this time round!  I know some people find it unrealistic to see people suddenly breaking into songs, but I have this penchant for musicals :)  A good musical ticket is something I would readily pay for.  Too bad I only had time for one musical this trip.001 collage (1)

Also enjoyed catching up with friends while I was there.  Had my maiden meal with my MAS twin, Wan Pei, at AquaShard.  So-so food, but great view and ambience!  Thanks for the recommendation, Wan Pei :)  By the way, The Shard is a 87-storey skyscraper along London Bridge Street with an observation deck that was opened earlier this year.001 Collage (1)001 collage (1)

In addition, thanks James and Elpie for being so hospitable.  Enjoyed the catch-up at Shanghai Blues and Princess Louise!  Also, I cherished the day with Ting Ting.  Really felt like the good ol’ LBS days, except that the other “Wang sister” wasn’t present.001 collage (1)001 collage (1)

As a typical Singaporean, I’m going to end off with snapshots of food!  Yup, the few days at London really satisfied my Asian food cravings!  In particular, I had my Four Seasons Duck!  Don’t underestimate this modest plate of meat.  It’s awesome!  My #1 comfort food in London!  I’m usually not a fan of rice and sauce, but at Four Seasons, I could just eat plain white rice drenched with their special concoction of duck sauce.001 Collage (1)

Lastly, not forgetting my favourite breakfast/tea in London – English scone with clotted cream (I’m not into the jam) and hot chocolate.  Sinful but oh so good!!!!001 collage (1)

London, I’ll be back! :)