Greetings from Viana!

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The past weekend marked the first of many future monthly trips to visit Querido’s parents in Viana do Castelo.  By the way, Viana is a municipality in Northern Portugal and about 400km away from Lisbon. (Not to be confused with Vienna in Austria!)  This was my fourth visit to Viana since 2011, but still, I was looking forward to the weekend getaway and the chance to pillion-ride Querido’s vintage Vespa :)001 collage (1)

Riding the Vespa is truly one of life’s simple pleasures.  It’s probably difficult to understand such a sentiment, especially in Singapore’s context.  However, try visualising riding in a quaint European town – traversing the narrow historical streets, the seemingly endless roads surrounded by greeneries and the coastal paths adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean :)  Also, in the family of motorbikes, I feel that the Vespa is very me!  Don’t you think? :p The photo below was taken back in August 2012, but it remains my all-time-favourite photo with the Vespa :)IMG_5581

Yesterday, wearing my Coração de Viana (Heart of Viana), I visited the Museu do Traje and took a photo with the huge Coração.  I still remember how shocked I was when I received my yellow gold Coração for my birthday in 2011.  My first thought was how odd I would look wearing that in Singapore!  Then, Querido “educated” me on the superiority of Portuguese gold.  According to the World Gold Council, pure gold may be too soft and delicate for use in jewellery, so it is often combined with other metals for greater strength. The international standard for jewellery is 75% pure gold.  In comparison, the standard in Portugal is 80% pure gold.  001 collage (1)

While in Viana, Querido and I also headed out for Sangria two nights in a row.  Very addictive!  I didn’t have my camera with me on the first night though.001 greeting (1)

Also, Querido’s mummy prepared my most favourite Portuguese dish, ie. home-cooked seafood rice.  Yummy!!! Crabs, prawns, shrimps, mussels, crabsticks – Not the pre-packed frozen ingredients, but really fresh ones!  Querido’s mummy really makes the effort to adapt her dishes to suit my tastebuds and feeds me well. Appreciative and feeling blessed :)IMG_1393

Till August, take care!