My first week in Lisbon

Lisbon is hot, scorching hot!  It’s 34 degree celsius now, but somehow it feels much hotter than Singapore.  Perhaps it’s because covered walkways are rare in Lisbon, trees are not as densely planted, and nobody (and I mean, nobody!) uses umbrella as a protective shield.  As I’m religiously slapping sunblock all over me, Hugo’s friends are betting that I’ll be a sun-addict convert, just like the rest of the nation, in no time. Ah well, let’s see….001 collage (1)

The first week saw me trying hard to recover from jetlag (I am still a bit jetlagged even till today) and busy setting up my new home.  By the way, I’ve moved in!  In Asian style, no less! With a well-stocked fridge, healthy and sumptuous first home-cooked meal, rolling of pineapple and strategic placement of my prosperity cat :)IMG_0999

Hugo and I have more or less completed with our home furnishings, such as assembling our own diy shoe rack, buying other furniture and getting carpets.  We’ve not fully unpacked though.  I confess that my progress is slowed down as I couldn’t help but to admire the treasured keepsakes which I’ve brought along with me.  Afterall, life is about stopping and smelling the roses, ya? :)001 Collage (1)

I did not have time to blog about some of my farewell gifts back in Singapore.  So sorry, but it does not mean they mean less to me.  Anyway, after raving earlier about the beautiful photo scrapbook which my MAS friends gave me, I received two more!!! Yippee!! Thanks Sheue Wen and MinMin!  It’s a joy to reminisce – when we were 21, when we embarked on our Project Thirty and took thirty nonsensical shots in Turkey, when we travelled together, etc etc. Thanks girls!!!001 Collage (1)

In addition, thanks Boliaos for surprising me with the Pandora charm bracelet at the airport.  It is really pretty.  By the way, the Taurean has not set sail from our almost 20-year old clique.  Rather, I continue to remain tickled by the boliao daily whatsapp conversations we have.  Also, thanks Pris for the “Keep Calm for Ladies” book.  I was re-reading your hand-written card in Lisbon at a leisurely pace, and it dawned upon me that you’ve given me the best compliment anyone has ever given me!  *heart melts*  Of course, thanks Ongnie and Shylene for the Forever Friends books.  The books are now sitting on my shelf, side by side.

The second week awaits… Whee…