17 years later…

17 years ago, my parents had our family studio portrait taken.  Back then, the photographer spent “forever” getting us to tilt our heads to his desired angle, adjusting our costumes to make sure that the creases were the way he liked them to be, etc etc.

17 years later, my sis (aka Ongnie) and I initiated the idea of a family photography session.  This time round, we moved with the times and opted for photo-journalistic style.  It was great fun and definitely recommended for family bonding!!!  I’ve never seen daddy smile so much before in my life (and I’m not exaggerating!)

Anyway, Ongnie came up with a brilliant idea to imitate the photo which has been hanging in our living room.  Takeaway: We’ve all matured, but the resemblance remains – Forever The Ongs :)001 collage (1)