Be careful what you ask for – What goes around comes around!

If your special someone asks for a personalised, thoughtful and unique birthday gift, what would you have in mind?  Something handmade?  A love letter?  Or perhaps, an engraved accessory?001 greeting (2)

Well, Querido was indeed creative.  He thought out of the box and gave me the domain for my birthday!!!  My first thought was “What am I supposed to do with a totally blank website?  I’ve never thought of blogging.  Moreover, this is not the typical or, where all I need to do is log in and start writing.”  Hence, was left neglected for a while, but not for long though….

About a week later, I asked Querido what he wanted for his birthday.  (Our birthdays are 16 days apart.)  Lo and behold, he replied “Something personalised, thoughtful and unique!!!” Then he continued, “You could dedicate your first blog post to me!”  Once again, I was totally outwitted.

A self-proclaimed tech idiot, I embarked on my steep learning journey “How to set up a self-hosted blog in less than a week.”  Initially, it was so overwhelming that Querido drastically lowered his expectations.  He said a “Blog Under Construction” banner by his birthday would suffice.  However, Sijie being Sijie, how could I bring myself to deliver such a substandard output? :p  Shall not bore you with the details, but I made it!!!  A screen snapshot of my first blogskin ever for keepsake:Untitled

By the way, querida (read: kay-ri-da) means “dear”, while bonita (read: boh-ni-ta) means “beautiful” in Portuguese.  These terms are only used for females though, as Portuguese is a language which differentiates between both genders.  For males, the corresponding phrase is querido bonito.

Lesson learnt: Be careful what you ask for – What goes around comes around!

ps. A big thanks to my dear friends for your private messages of endorsement, and for highlighting that I’ve had 3 different hairstyles over the past 3 years. Ha. I’ll keep blogging :)

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