My Bangkok Shutdown Experience

I’ve learnt my lesson – I am not a superwoman.  I’m now obediently heeding the doctor’s advice to stay home and sleep/rest for 3 entire days.  Today’s Day 2.  To some of you who are affected by this decision of mine – So sorry for calling off meal plans at short notice. I’ll try to make time (be it breakfast or coffee) to catch up before I fly off!

Anyway, shortly after reaching Singapore, I caught a nasty and persistent cough bug.  This bug is a different strain from what I experienced during Christmas in Portugal.  This new bug has literally been bugging me 24/7 and producing an insane amount of phlegm.  In contrast, what I had in Portugal was a (comparatively mild) dry night cough.

Anyway, my condition aggravated on Sunday night when I experienced chest pain while coughing and had traces of blood in my muscus.  Since I’ve already completed my course of antibiotics last week, the doctor (on my repeat visit yesterday) gave strict instructions for me to be home-bound with plenty of sleep!

I should have seen this coming and I acknowledge that I’m severely sleep-deprived! My typical day in Singapore – Tossing in bed till 4.30am (due to jet lag) and waking up at 7am to skype with Querido!  (The tribulations of being in a ldr with time-zone difference.)  Thereafter, napping from 8 to 10am, before preparing and heading out for back-to-back lunch, tea and dinner appointments.  I’ve been averaging 3 meet-ups a day but yet, I don’t seem to find enough time to meet everyone :(  With less than 5 hours of sleep a day, it’s inevitable that I feel constantly lethargic in Singapore.  Looking on the bright side, my 3-day home-stay allows me to spend lots of time with Fluffy!  In fact, he’s now curled up at my feet while I’m blogging.001 collage (1)

Apologies for digressing but yeah, mummy and I are back safe and sound from Bangkok!  Below is a picturesque view of the morning sky during my flight there last Thursday.  Therapeutic!IMG_3783

Suvarnabhumi Airport was really quiet when we landed.IMG_3784

Needless to say, our first stop in Bangkok was the Portuguese Embassy!  Due to the Bangkok Shutdown, we did not cab at all.  We navigated around entirely using the MRT/BTS and on foot.  There were a couple of tuk tuk touts who repeatedly tried to trick us into thinking that we were walking in the wrong direction, but I was glad that I trusted my instincts to ignore them :)001 collage (1)

And so, after 5 long grueling months, I finally received my 120-day residential visa which permits me to work in Portugal! :)  To be honest, I was actually expecting a longer-term work permit, but the past months had really built up my tolerance towards an unstructured life with stumbling blocks popping up when I least expect them.  Hence, a 120-day visa keeps me happy for now while I brace myself for the upcoming application to prolong it!  This also called for a celebratory lunch at the adjacent Royal Orchid Sheraton!001 collage (1)

With the primary objective of our Bangkok trip accomplished, it was time to head for our hotel in Sukhumvit.  This was also our first encounter with the Bangkok Shutdown.  As we were exiting Sukhumvit MRT Station, Gloria Gaynor’s signature hit “I Will Survive” was blasting in the background.  It turned out that there was a performance and everybody looked like they were having fun!  The mood was far from hostile.  In fact, it looked like a huge carnival with free food and drinks!  IMG_3801001 Collage (1)001 Collage (1)

When we checked in, the receptionist told us that such a scene was normal and the situation was very safe.  Typically, there would be performances during the day and rallies at night.  Anyway, mummy and I stayed at Grand Millenium Sukhumvit.  It is a fantastic hotel right in front of the closed Sukhumvit intersection.  Its location is perfect – Right next to Sukhumvit MRT, 2 minutes from Asoke BTS, across the road from Terminal 21 and 5 minutes from Healthland Spa!001 collage (1)001 collage (1)

We also checked out another closed intersection the following day – National Stadium intersection and the atmosphere was similar.  That said, I suppose we were lucky too since there were gunshots reported at Victory Monument.  By the way, thank you for the concerned SMS-es! Felt loved :)001 Collage (1)

We did not shop much during this trip.  I am serious – Mummy and I came home with combined 8kg of luggage only!  We only bought some Thai snacks for the family. Furthermore, I wasn’t in the mood to shop as I wasn’t feeling well.  001 Collage (1)

Instead, we treated ourselves to Thai massages at Healthland! When it comes to massages, I think I’m masochistic. I adore hard, strong and forceful strokes. No pain, not shiok!  I love how they twist my body from head to toe, and remove all the muscle knots!   Healthland was clearly affected by the Shutdown and the masseurs shared with us that they now massage 1-2 clients per day, compared to 4 in the past.001 collage (1)

Anyway, mummy was a very satisfied client as exemplified by her 40% tip!  We even squeezed in another session of Thai massage the following day, before heading for the airport!001 collage (1)

Hopefully, the situation in Bangkok improves soon.  It’s such a lovely country with warm people.  Anyway, that’s all for now.  Feeling super drowsy now from my post-lunch medications.  Will try to update this space soon as I have a backlog of posts.

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