Back in yummilicious Singapore :)

Hello! *waves happily*  I’m back in Singapore and the past 3 days had been 买东西,吃东西,再买东西,再吃东西! (ie. buy things, eat things, buy things again, eat things again)  Singapore is indeed a food and shopping paradise :)  Now, my tummy feels stuffed and my wallet feels light…

My “first taste of home” was upon touchdown at Changi Airport.  Daddy, mummy and Ongnie came to receive me at the airport.  We dined at Paradise Inn and I realised how much I missed wasabi prawns and the “vegetables with 3 different eggs” combi.  As usual, mummy over-ordered till the extent that we had no tummy space for desserts! *gasp*  Then again, I probably had to thank the super-filling meal for allowing me to drift into a 3-hour nap at night.  (I tend to cope very badly with jetlag. My initial nights back from Europe typically end up with wide-opened eyes till dawn.)001 Collage (1)

The following day, my first destination was ….IMG_3653

Yup, the temple at Waterloo Street!  A sacred place which has influenced many of my life’s decisions thus far :)  By late morning, the sleeping bug had kicked in, but I had a full-day of back-to-back appointments ahead – Visited the hair salon, the doctor, along with window-shopping in between. By dinnertime, I was literally a walking zombie, but the interesting conversations with my college class girls sustained my store reserve of energy. I am really proud of my college class girls as we are not afraid to deviate from societal norms and are boldly pursuing our dreams!  Dinner was at Jade Palace, a restaurant which I last visited back in 2006, ie. 8 years ago.  In my vague memory, their standard seemed to have dropped but I still enjoyed the salted yolk crab. Sinful but made me happy :)001 Collage (1)

Upon reaching home, I headed for bed immediately, but lo and behold, I only had the luxury of a 5-hour beauty rest.  My body clock was simply hay-wired :(  As Singapore has the concept of 24-hour eating places, my tummy ended up benefiting at the expense of my droopy eyelids.002 Page2 (1)

Saturday was a shopping-intensive day.  Went home with 4 winter work coats. Yeah :)  (I find it almost impossible to buy work clothes in Portugal because the shops don’t carry collections for Asian body frames.  Furthermore, shopping in Europe makes me feel even shorter.)  I also enjoyed soaking in the Chinese New Year atmosphere in the malls.  The bright vibrant decorations were a contrast to the dark winter colours in Europe.  Loved the positive and cheery vibes :)001 collage (1)

Dinner was with my family at Katanashi, a Japanese tapas bar along Boat Quay.  All of us thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience :)  The restaurant was totally kawaii – the menu, the napkins, the food presentation, and even the Japanese female waitress!  She took many photos for us, which made mummy even happier. Hee.  At Katanashi, I had the best sweet potato sticks and green tea mochi. The sweet potato sticks were so good that we requested for extra servings!001 Collage (1)001 collage (1)001 collage (1)

We also walked past some interesting Singapore-centric wall art that night.IMG_3671IMG_3669

And yesterday was Grandma’s Day :)  Brought my granny for dim sum at Hua Ting, Orchard Hotel.  Their 流沙包 (custard bun) remains the best in Singapore after all these years!  If you ever dine there, try their chilled coconut jelly too.  My favourite dessert – Light and refreshing!  It was evident that granny enjoyed her brunch, which made me happy too :)  Thereafter, we went for a stroll along Orchard Road.  I also brought granny for green tea latte at Starbucks (alfresco sitting!) and taught her how to people-watch. Hee. 001 Collage (1)001 collage (1)

Subsequently, it was time for tea at Antoinette, Palais Renaissance, with the Boliaos.  Finally, I satisfied my craving of Antoinette’s signature earl grey chocolate cake.  Somehow, we forgot to take a snapshot together. Hmm.  Nonetheless, it felt great catching up with girlfriends who basically grew up with you (we have known one another for 20 years! And counting!).  Great to be able to openly share your thoughts and know that these girls will not judge.  I count these blessings in life :)collage

I think I really need to be more conscious of my diet, but Singapore is making it an impossible feat!  Many more meal gatherings in the pipeline…  Anyway, today is the Bangkok shutdown and I really hope that the situation improves soon.  Heading to Bangkok later this week with mummy, so keeping my fingers tightly crossed.

That’s all for now. Bye! *waves happily again*

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