It’s 2014 & Singapore’s Calling!

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How did you spend your New Year Countdown?  Well, Querido and I had dinner with friends at Lima 5, a Brazilian rodizio restaurant, in Porto.  Needless to say, the stroke of midnight saw the mandatory popping of champagne to signify a great year ahead!  What a meaty and bubbly start to 2014 :)  By the way, the photo above is our first photo together in 2014!

No dolling up as I was still nursing a sore throat and headache that fateful night. In fact, I could hardly speak as my voice was really hoarse.  Querido even gave “strict guidelines” that it wasn’t a night for pretty glamorous dresses, but thick warm basic clothings. However, that did not stop us from partying till 4am. “Tonight, We are young, So let’s the set the world on fire, We can burn brighter, Than the sun.” Ha.

A week later (ie. now), I’m still having dry coughs at night, which have been disrupting my sleep. In fact, I’ve recently been spending my nights coughing and my days sleeping.  (This explains my lack of blog updates.) My mum has conveniently attributed this prolonged illness to my “never-say-die attitude” on New Year’s Day! Bleah.

Anyway, after 6.5 months in Portugal, I’ll be returning to Singapore for a visit tomorrow.  Below are some family photos which were taken just before my move to Portugal in late-May 2013.  Just realised I didn’t blog much about the photo session back then as I was busy clearing work and having farewell gatherings. (Credits to Shawn Seah Photography.)  Can’t wait to see my family, little en-en, fluffy and friends soon!!theOngs029theOngs322.1theOngs278theOngs244theOngs347theOngs518

Of course, I’ll be missing Querido :(

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