December’s here…

This may sound clichéd, but time really flies.  We are now in the final lap of 2013 – Only 1 month left to complete our grand resolutions made 11 months ago!  It’s time to make each moment count!  By the way, Querido took the following “at the break of dawn” photo from our apartment yesterday morning. Love the different hues of the morning sky :)IMG_3261

By the way, 1 December 2013 marked the 374th anniversary of the start of the Portuguese Restoration War (1640).  This led to the end of the Iberian Union, a political unit that governed the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) from 1580 to 1640.  However, for the following 28 years, Spain continually tried to reassert their control and only accepted Portuguese independence in 1668.  Guess why I read up on this subject?  Well, Querido and I chanced upon the commemorative parade after our lazy Sunday brunch on 1 December.  What’s a better way to learn than inquisitiveness stemming from within? :)001 collage (1)

I was also curious why people were waving blue and white flags at the parade.  Well, it turned out that Portugal had more than 10 flags throughout its history!  They were predominantly blue and/or white till the early-1900s.  Portugal’s current red and green flag has only been used from 1911 onwards.  After the parade ended and just before the roads were re-opened to vehicles, I simply couldn’t resist taking some snapshots standing in the middle of the empty streets!  It’s not everyday that one gets to “dominate” the roads of downtown Lisbon. Hee.IMG_3244001 collage (1)

Some other random interesting sights in Chiado on 1 December – cute christmas display at a chocolate shop, a protestor against animal skin usage, free giveaways (ie. 100% discount) immediately after Black Friday to discourage shopping and to promote responsible consumption.  Lisbon never fails to surprise, ya?001 Collage (1)

And now, it’s time for some overdue November food updates.  Querido and I went to Origami at Príncipe Real for sushi.  (Can’t describe how much I miss affordable yet super yummy Japanese cuisines in Singapore!)  We were their first guests for the day, but the restaurant became packed shortly after.  Their chopstick paper sleeves creatively gave origami instructions too!  That said, our “paper crane” somehow turned out to be another animal. Oops. 001 collage (1)

001 Collage (1)

I really enjoyed the lunch!  Best Japanese meal I’ve had in Lisbon thus far, though I am constantly searching for new food haunts.  It was also my first time trying ginger ice-cream and it was delicious!  I’m also starting to acquire the “sushi with Philadelphia cheese taste” as it is highly popular in Portugal.

My tummy also enjoyed superb home-cooked prawn dishes in November – King prawns with anchovies, white asparagus, fresh walnuts and capers; Fresh pasta with kitori mushroom and shrimps aglio olio style!  I picked the main ingredients – king prawns and shrimps, while Querido did his magic :)  001 collage (1)

Happy December, my dear friends! :)

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