Feliz aniversário, meu querido bonito!

Today marks the launch of my inaugural blog, queridabonita.com, and the birthday of its founder – Hugo Martins!  Meu querido bonito, this post is specially dedicated to you and I hope this present brings a smile to your face :)  For those of you who are curious, I shall blog about the story behind queridabonita.com in a later post, as Querido takes centre stage today.

I know this sounds cliche, but time flies and this is the 3rd birthday I’m celebrating for Querido.  The 1st was back in 2011, when we went for our 1st road trip to Cornwall.  It was best remembered for the windswept cliffs, Cornish pasty, legends of King Arthur and the “alternative” birthday dinner at Bondmin Jail.  Kudos to Querido for his superb sense of direction and driving skills!  He navigated his way around with a flimsy foldable paper map as the car rental company ran out of GPS, and I provided moral support while in deep slumber next to him. Oops..001 collage (1)

2012’s celebration was different.  We spent it in another continent and toured the sunny Land of Smiles. The trip was characterised by temples-hopping, tuk-tuk rides, tom yam soup, green curry, hardcore thai massages, great night life and…. beads of perspiration!!  Bangkok was so warm and humid.  While I longed for air-conditioned taxi rides, Querido was more intrigued with the tuk-tuks.  Since it was his birthday trip, I had to console myself that the “sauna effect” was a form of detoxification.
001 collage (1)

As for 2013, we are now unfortunately 12,000km apart.  So, 20 May 2013 will be another day of “modern love connection” exemplified by skyping, whatsapping, emailing and the latest addition, blogging!  As much as I’m thankful for these innovative technologies, nothing beats being physically together.  I’m just glad that the distance between us would finally be bridged in less than a month :)  Querido, thank you for teaching me to stop and smell the roses, and I look forward to stopping and smelling more roses together with you. Joie de vivre!!!001 greeting (1)

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