Rua Augusta in 15 minutes… and more…

While Querido did his weekend readings at Brown’s, I decided to take a breather.  Little did I know that this unplanned walk was filled with many interesting sights :)001 collage (1)001 collage (1)

Barely 15 minutes passed and I had come across buskers with their respective “wares” – the all-girls fado group with their rendition of sad fado songs, the lively African guy who made the audience put on their dancing shoes, the dazed Romanian with his little puppy side-kick and Mr Skeleton who was belting out Elvis tunes.  It’s hard to say it with words, but it’s really amazing how different songs evoke different emotions, and how the buskers at Rua Augusta managed to transform my mood every few steps I took.

And right at the end of Rua Augusta was a mini-festival.  One of the TV stations was celebrating its 21st anniversary then!IMG_2464

What intrigued me the most was the “karaoke” booth.  Unlike in Asia, the karaoke fever in Portugal is virtually non-existent.  So, I was pretty surprised to see such a booth and decided to hang around and observe a bit.  In the end, I realised that their version of karaoke is very different – the “participant” selects his song, he pays and his “participation” ends.  Someone else would sing his selected song! Haha…001 Collage (1)

As for food, some hits and misses over the past week.  Querido and I went to supposedly the best Chinese restaurant in Lisbon (shan’t name the restaurant here) for Saturday dinner. The food was decent, but forgettable. Actually, we didn’t even finish the last siew mai (pork dumpling) and such an occurrence could be considered rare since both Querido and I love dim sum.


On the other hand, I enjoyed my Friday tea at Bittersweet Chocolates!  This cafe recently opened near my estate and I am very happy for them that customer flow has been improving steadily.  Perhaps it’s because I used to dream of opening a similar chocolate cafe :)  Anyway, by Friday late afternoon, all the tarts were sold out, except for salted caramel…. and it was just right for my liking!!!  Definitely returning to try the other tarts :)


That’s all for now.. Bye :)

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