Beijing Opera in Lisbon

The past month had been really eventful – mum and sis visited, which was immediately followed by intensive cramp revisions for my Portuguese exam, coupled with a last-minute, short, solo trip to London (which I shall blog about in my next post).  Anyway, I’m glad that the mad rush seems to be over (at least for now – fingers crossed!) and Querido and I finally went for a date night yesterday.

It was a very unique date.  Neither did we go to the movies, nor head for drinks.  Instead, we went to watch Beijing Opera!  Actually, I was rather half-hearted, but Querido was visibly excited that the opera troupe was in town for the weekend.  Once again, who’s more Asian? :p001 greeting (1)

The evening started with dinner at Portugalia with great seats next to Rio Tejo :)  Enjoyed the view, my food and Sangria, and Querido’s company.  Thereafter, we took a stroll to Belém Cultural Centre.  The turnout was surprisingly great – all the stall seats were sold!  In fact, there were very few balcony seats left as well.001 collage (1)

The troupe of 25 performed 4 acts, namely (i) The Flying Dragon and Dancing Phoenix, (ii) Farewell My Love, (iii) The Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers and (iv) Mu Guiying Fighting in Hong Zhou City.

It was nice to hear some familiar Chinese phrases, though I had to strain hard to decipher the super high-pitched dialogues.  Frankly, I gave up after a while and instead relied on the Portuguese subtitles, which I could only partly comprehend.

Verdict – It was a great night out, but given a choice, I would choose my beloved West End musicals over Chinese operas!  That’s one of the reasons why I love London.  London’s calling…. in my next blog post :)

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