Mum & Sis in Portugal (Part 3)

Apart from Lisbon, there are many interesting sites in other parts of Portugal.  Hence, parts 3 and 4 shall be dedicated to some of these little-known attractions to the north of Lisbon! (Mum and sis did not venture to the south.)001 collage (1)

Cascais – I adore this coastal town!  This was the destination resort for Portugal’s royal family back in the late 19th century.  I’ve always found it extremely therapeutic to drive along the coast during sunset and admire “the dynamic artwork of the sky” created by the changing shades of rays.  Unfortunately, mummy and ongnie didn’t get to witness this picturesque landscape as the day was still bright (long summer days) when we made our way there.  001 collage (1)

Nonetheless, we enjoyed a sumptuous seafood dinner with a lovely night view of the bay :)  Coincidentally, there was a town festival in Cascais then and the whole area was bustling with activities.  Our plan to have Santini’s for dessert did not materialise as the queue was simply too long!

And for my friends who are devout Catholics, you probably already know about Fátima.  Fátima is located about 140km north of Lisbon, where millions of pilgrims and tourists visit each year.  As declared “worthy of belief” by the Catholic Church, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared 6 times to 3 shepherd children at Fátima between 13 May and 13 October 1917.  Don’t think my pictures adequately captured the grandeur and vastness of the site – You have to go and see it for yourself!001 collage (1)

From Fátima to Porto, Mealhada is a must-stopover for its famous leitão assado (little roasted pig).  Many leitão restaurants line the streets of Mealhada, but the authentic one is Pedro dos Leitões. Despite being situated away from the city, Pedro dos Leitões was packed and we had to queue for an hour before savouring the leitão assado :)001 collage (1)

Will leave Porto and Viana for Part 4.  However, before I sign off, just wish to share some photos of my first “live” football match in Portugal.  I was one of the 46,109 spectators (the statistic was announced during the game).  Verdict – I would definitely wish to catch more “live” matches in future!  So different to be at the stadium, compared to sitting in front of the telly.  The atmosphere and energy level were infectious! There is a reason why Portugal is known to be a football nation :)001 Collage (1)

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