Feeling a lil philosophical…

Although we aren’t in Singapore, Querido and I have been faithfully following The Dream Makers (志在四方).  Actually, Querido has all along been patiently accompanying me to watch Korean, Taiwanese and Singaporean drama serials.  He’s sweet in these little ways, which I’m thankful for :)  Anyway, while watching the last episode of The Dream Makers, the monologue from Shakespeare’s As You Like It kept surfacing in my head.  Not that the drama depicted the seven ages of man, but rather, it exemplified why the world’s a stage and how some pursue short-lived gains at the expense of things which really matter.


When I was a kid, I used to categorise drama plots as fiction.  However, over the years, I’ve grown to realise that regardless of how absurd certain plots may be, they may jolly well be non-fictitious.  No matter how charmed someone’s life may appear to be, I’m certain that he/she experiences his/her fair share of troughs and extraordinary moments.  This is how real life inspires reel life and how reel life mimics real life.

Anyway, when we were in Viana last week, we brought home three awesome painting, which were lovingly painted by Querido’s mummy!  Aren’t they lovely? :)IMG_1404IMG_1406IMG_1408

I especially adore the first painting.  The paintings really help to brighten up the house and add the “homely touch”.  By the way, Querido’s mummy is really amazing!  She only picked up painting after retirement, but now produces great pieces of art and participates in exhibitions.  I wonder what I’ll occupy myself with after I retire.  Actually, with the high standards of living, I sometimes wonder if I’m ever able to retire.

Speaking of paintings, I’m reminded yet again of another quotation from Van Gogh.paint_dreams

It is thought-provoking, isn’t it?  I’m certain that everyone dreams to a certain extent, but how many actually paint their dreams?  It’s easy to come up with a grand plan, but certainly challenging to bring that vision to life.  I’m not much of an artist, but I aspire to produce “my masterpiece legacy”, not defined by societal norms but by yours truly :)

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