TGIF – Relax, Unwind, Enjoy!

The weekend is almost here!  It’s time to goof around and enjoy your well-deserved break, dear friends :)  Below are some shots taken from my evening walk with Querido last weekend. It was a joy to chance upon some really creative grafitti in an obscure corner in town, and a neighbourhood park which gave a panoramic view of the city landscape!  Beyond the unkempt facades of pre-war buildings, Lisbon indeed has its unique charm!  I have to admit that Lisbon is not a city which makes you go “wow” at first instance, but it has a peculiar appeal which makes the attraction grow over time.  001 collage (1)

Anyway, Querido and I also walked past Igreja de São Roque and saw a constant stream of people touch the statue with the golden ticket.  Apparently, the belief is that touching the ticket brings good luck!  So, here’s wishing all of you a lucky weekend ahead!  Hopefully, you’ll get to make some interesting discoveries, or simply break out of your routine and enjoy a different weekend!  Afterall, a change every now and then makes life more eventful, right? :)IMG_1143

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