Of bird poo and labour strike..

What would you do if there’s bird poo on your back?IMG_1076

Yesterday afternoon, as I was sipping ice-cold Pedras in the 37 degree celsius Lisbon, I saw bird poo fall and land on a girl’s back! I immediately told Querido, but he dismissed it! Only after repeated persuasion did Querido agree to alert the girl’s mummy. Guess what? The mummy nonchalantly wiped the poo with normal tissue and jokingly commented that it symbolised good luck. Thereafter, she went back to fiddle around with her phone and that was it…..

I could imagine how differently Singaporeans would react. Most would probably exclaim with disgust. Concerned mummies would start getting disinfectant wipes and finding a new table, especially since there were still many pigeons sitting on the branch directly above the table. Even my calmest friends would, at minimum, head straight to the toilet and wash with soap.  However, the Portuguese response is just so unexpected and I wonder if I’ll ever be so bo-chap :p

Never knew that people-watching at the gardens could be so therapeutic. I was observing an old lady slowing tearing pieces of bread and feeding the birds/ducks with crumbs.  She was doing it for at least an hour, with the look of contentment on her face.IMG_1073

I also spotted a pair of old ladies taking their afternoon naps while enjoying the sunshine.  This image of serenity was juxtaposed with a group of young adults laughing in the background while trying to maintain their balancing act on tight rope. Simply love the sights and surprises in the gardens!IMG_1163

Anyway, there was a general strike in Lisbon last Thursday to protest against public sector pay cuts, layoffs and other austerity measures.  I used to think that the train strikes in London were bad, but the general strike in Lisbon was worse.  The metro, city bus and even some flights were down/cancelled.  Commuters could either use their own vehicles or work from home. Traffic was seriously congested! Querido and I tried to drive to Chiado for the InterNations networking drinks event, but the crawling traffic forced us to make a U-turn and head home after half an hour.  Sigh, I was looking forward to meeting new friends at the event.


Still have many photos to upload and stories to share, but I better turn in soon as I’m starting school tomorrow! Good morning to my dear friends in Asia and good night to those in Europe :) Have a great July!!!!


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