We adore you, Fluffy Ong!

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A year ago, Ongnie brought home a 2-month old Japanese Spitz, Fluffy. In a household where pets rarely thrived, Fluffy wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms.  It didn’t help that Fluffy peed at a strategic spot on our marbled floor during his initial days in our house.  The resulting stain had Daddy upset for a long while.  It also didn’t help that Mummy wasn’t too pleased with strands of white fur appearing all around our house.

Over the past year, Fluffy worked his charm on all of us.  Now, Fluffy has become Daddy’s favourite companion.  Daddy even remarked yesterday that we should get treats for Fluffy for his 1-year anniversary with the family.  Mummy has also been bought over by Fluffy.  She now chides Ongnie for bullying Fluffy and has been telling everyone that we have a handsome Spitz!  (By the way, Ongnie likes to bully Fluffy by tempting him with the fragrance of cooked food, and denying him of the joy of eating thereafter. Tsk tsk.)

As for me, I love Fluffy for his silly yet adorable manners.  There were so many occasions when Fluffy would unassumingly rest at my feet while I worked.  From time to time, he would simply pop his head from beneath the table for a quick pat, before returning to his resting position.  This might not seem to be a big deal, but it really made me feel that “I’m not alone” :)  In addition, I have the habit of vocalising my thoughts when writing.  So, when it’s just Fluffy and I at home, guess who’s my ardent listener?  No matter how boring or complex the subject matter is, Fluffy would just listen with a silly grin!  This may sound absurd, but his silly grin has always helped to maintain my writing momentum!

Thank you Fluffy Ong for entering into our lives!  You’re now a tad bit too heavy for me to carry, but I’m glad you’re growing up healthy and strong :)001 collage (1)

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