Saying goodbye to my lovely MAS family

14 June was my last day with the MAS and it was with a heavy heart that I bade farewell to this lovely family.  I still remember that during my 2nd month at the MAS, a very encouraging boss commented that I was “born for the service”.  An extremely generous compliment indeed, and I wouldn’t dare claim that I’m deserving of this tag.  In fact, far from it. True blue public servants, who are worthy of our respect, are a unique breed.  It is an uphill task to find highly insightful and intelligent people, who put long-term national interests above short-term personal gains, and are willing to be held accountable for policy decisions with far-reaching impacts.  I’m definitely nowhere near this league, but I am heartened to say that the nature of public service work indeed strikes a chord with me.

Every job has its fair share of “glam” and “unglam” moments.  To some, public service is only associated with the latter.  “Glam” may not be the most appropriate descriptor, but I personally find it “glam” to witness press releases of policy decisions which I’ve been involved in.  Although the releases may only occupy a short column in the papers, or a few minutes of airtime in the news, little do people realise the voluminous work which had gone behind each of them.  This is a very fulfilling aspect of public service work, which you rarely find it elsewhere.  In addition, as much as I dread writing NOMs (yes, I really do! despite being known as the NOMs queen), the opportunity to listen first-hand to the exchange of ideas between prominent thought leaders is truly precious.

On a lighter note, my friends at work organised a lovely farewell party for me back on 7 June.  In fact, during the days leading to the party, my dearest office neighbour was constantly infecting me with her open display of excitement and heightening my expectations.  On the eve of the party, Yvonne even sent me a whatsapp message which read “the highlight is our pressies.. I don’t care.. U must like them.. Don’t like also must entertain Sally and I.. Lol”  (As I type this, I am already missing my sweet and girly PB teammates.)

So, 7 June came. For the party, I ordered savoury and fruit tartlets from Delifrance. Incidentally, these are my favourite PBIG EXCO refreshments! Not only do they taste great, I love how they look too…IMG_0692

During the farewell party, I received not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 presents! I really adore all of them as I could really feel the sincere thoughtfulness behind each. It’s not easy to find accessories in nice shades of green and gold, but yet, I’m now the proud owner of a lovely Kate Spade matte gold purse and Furla green wristlet. Also, I simply adore the photo scrapbook.  It is undisputedly my highlight!  I’m fully aware that it takes time to capture all these wonderful memories so beautifully.  More importantly, the little notes of well wishes scattered throughout the scrapbook really touched me.  In addition, my dearest division surprised me with travel-sized packets of chilli sauce just because I remarked that it would be nice to have these satchets when we were lunching at Bestway a couple of weeks back. How sweet! These are truly amazing gifts! (Yvonne/Sally – I mean it and not saying this just to entertain you :p)  Thanks girls! *hugs*001 Collage (1)

During the party, Carol also managed to succinctly capture my feelings with the following quote. Thanks Carol for being such a personable boss, who never fails to make time to know her staff :)Best-Inspirational-Quotes-Thoughtful-Quotes-365-Days-Of-Tumblr-11

Separately, my beloved FATCA Secretariat also gave me the cutest gift ever – An oriental FAT CAt with solar-powered moving paws!  I also adore the hand-drawn card by our talented Sherry!  That night, when I was showing Querido my gifts over skype, he had happily declared himself to be the co-owner of this fat cat. In fact, Querido said he had always wanted this because it symbolises wealth luck!!!  Once again, who’s more Asian?!IMG_0899

Once again, thank you FDD/FSD for the party!  I’ll always remember my stay at the MAS.

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