LBS MIF Mini Reunion

What do Douglas, Shunsuke and I have in common?  Well, as of 4 years ago, we were complete strangers in our respective home countries (Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore).  However, in 2010, we were all crazy enough to enroll for a Masters in Finance degree at London Business School, where we spent a year raking our brains over financial models and economic theories.  Yes, we were that crazy!  That was also when our paths first crossed.

We never expected this, but years later, our paths converged once again in Singapore.  Welcome Doug and Shun to Singapore and choosing to be based here!!  I’m sure this sunny island would not disappoint :)  001 collage (1)

The three of us caught up after work today.  As crazy MIF alumni, we inevitably (*ahem*) discussed about finance (*just a whee bit*).  More interestingly, we shared real-life experiences on long-distance relationships.  Sadly, we are all separated from our significant others right now.  Doug is getting married later this month (Congrats Doug & Cynthia!!), but will be living in different countries from his wife thereafter due to work commitments.  Shun has to be apart from his girlfriend despite getting together not long ago.

Unanimous consensus: Long-distance relationship is very tough.  No matter which stage of the relationship you are in, physical proximity matters.  So, my dear friends, if your significant other is with you in the same city, please don’t take it for granted.  It is one of life’s blessings, which many others yearn to have…

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