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Imagine making a dinner reservation more than a month in advance, only to hear that you have to vacate before 9.30pm because the restaurant is already fully booked for the 2nd seating. Well, this was my experience with Lolla.  Afterall, Lolla only has 13 counter seats, and a semi-private function room.

Anyway, I finally had the chance to savour Lolla’s gourmet delights last night.  Although I wouldn’t agree with the “The 10 Hottest Restaurants in the World” tag by Zagat, Lolla was certainly yummy-licious and worth a return visit!!!  The sea urchin pudding is a must-try, and I thoroughly enjoyed their foie gras.  Also liked the way they prepared their pork collar – fragrant and sufficiently moist.  Wasn’t too impressed with their steamed dark chocolate pudding though (guess I still prefer the texture of chocolate lava cakes), but the pear sorbet won me over.  Despite the seemingly conservative portions, my tummy was well-filled after 3 hours.

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And of course, I have to thank my lovely dinner date, Fiona, for the great feast (as always) and senseless banter (oops).  What a better way to end the work week than a good chat over a bottle of wine :)  Incidentally, I was clearing my office email archives just before dinner and chanced upon one of the initial exchanges I had with Fiona back in 2011.  I suppose we have to thank “our favourite FI” for our friendship.  Thanks gal and I’ll definitely miss our “foodie” gatherings.  Also, feel free to whatsapp me anytime to complain about the lengthy spreadsheets you have to complete – I’m all ears :)

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  1. Hey gal, all the best in Portugal! It’s been great fun and I’ll always remember our most interesting, thought provoking and entirely laughable banter. 😉 Agree with u that we need to thank our (correction: it should be “your”) favourite FI and the various colourful characters for their major contribution to lots of stuff – laughter and grey hair amongst others, but most importantly our friendship! Take good care, stay in touch and keep on blogging!

    p.s.: I’m 110% sure that I will not be meeting you in London in Sept this year unless there are developments within the next 30 days.

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